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Concepts 💭 around building software

A living collection of concepts, techniques, tools and frameworks on developing software.

Table of Contents

How to use it

  • Browse around to discover interesting insights from the world of software development.
  • Information in each note is meant to give you a brief explanation and encourage you to explore further.
  • Clone the repo to explore the Graph Visualisation
  • Submit improvements, suggestions & feedbacks through pull requests


  • This is by no means an exhaustive list of concepts. I’m sure I’ve missed many more and do suggest them if you can.
  • Links between notes are based on my own understanding. It might not be accurate or relevant.
  • Bias towards any tools/concepts are solely based on my experience or lack of it with other alternatives.

Improvements, suggestions & feedbacks

If you have any feedback for improvements, feel free to improve on this repo at Thanks!